Brent W. Spranklin

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The use of bio-inspiration for the development of new products and devices requires new educational tools for students consisting of appropriate design and manufacturing technologies, as well as curriculum. At the University of Maryland, new educational tools have been developed that introduce bio-inspired product realization to undergraduate mechanical(More)
Body undulation used by snakes and the physical architecture of a snake body may offer significant benefits over typical legged or wheeled locomotion designs in certain types of scenarios. A large number of research groups have developed snake-inspired robots to exploit these benefits. The purpose of this review is to report different types of(More)
Geometric algorithms for computing cutter engagement functions in 2.5D milling operations. ABSTRACT Cutter engagement is a measure that describes what portion of the cutter is involved in machining at a given instant of time. During profile milling of complex geometries, cutter engagement varies significantly along the cutter path. Cutter engagement(More)
The use of bio-inspiration to create new products and devices requires the development of new design tools and manufacturing technologies, as well as the education of students capable of using them. At the University of Maryland, we have developed new educational tools that emphasize bioinspired product realization. These tools include the development of a(More)
Physical parameters of the constituent modules and gait parameters affect the overall performance of snake-inspired robots. Hence a system-level optimization model needs to concurrently optimize the module parameters and the gait. Incorporating a physics-based model of rectilinear gaits in the system-level optimization model is a computationally challenging(More)
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