Brent Skidmore

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We developed a method for production of antigen-specific, H-2-restricted T cell hybrids. The tumor cell partner in the fusions was itself a T cell hybrid, FS6-14.13.AG2 (or its derivatives), which could be induced to produce the growth factor, interleukin-2 (IL-2), in response to a challenge with concanavalin A, but had no known antigen specificity. The(More)
The fusion of an AKR T cell tumor line to normal B6D2F1, T cells resulted in the production of a cloned T cell hybridoma (FS6-14.13) inducible with the mitogen concanavalin A (Con A). The supernate from Con A-stimulated hybridoma cells was active both in the stimulation of an anti-sheep red blood cell response by partially T cell-depleted B cells and in the(More)
Two methods were investigated for studying the binding of radiolabeled hybridoma T cells to antigen (Ag) and H-2 products for which they bore receptors. In both cases hybridoma T cells were labeled with tritiated thymidine. In one method labeled cells were added to adherent splenic cells prepulsed with antigen, and the mixture was incubated overnight at 37(More)
WAMPA (for Wide Area MicroProbe Analyser) represents a new scientific instrument concept for planetary exploration. WAMPA builds on recently published research such as sensor webs and distributed microsensors [1][2] but adds new sensor and localisation concepts. WAMPA is driven by the recurrent theme in spacecraft and sensor design to achieve smaller,(More)
We teamed engineering and art students together to develop assistive technology projects in our sculpture and computer science classes. Together, they and their instructors honed their teamwork skills as teachers <i>and</i> learners, as we all collaboratively designed and fabricated the projects. As a group, we examined the notions of ability, the needs of(More)
An important question in mitogen activation of T cells is whether the T cell must interact with a major histocompatibility complex product during the activation process. The T helper hybridoma AODH 7.1 is specific for human gamma globulin in the context of IEd, and when activated secretes interleukin 2. The mitogen concanavalin A (Con A) can activate AODH(More)
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