Brent S. Friedman

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Living worlds offer a nonlinear, unscripted process for experiencing and safely learning the cognitive complexity and nuance of culture through emergent high-fidelity simulation. The 3D asymmetric domain analysis and training model uses visual, auditory, behavioral, and cultural models for immersive cultural training using the living-world construct.
The present findings suggest that the trend toward greater diversification of hospital services is likely to be most strongly influenced by state Medicaid policies and certain hospital characteristics. Increasing Medicaid eligibility and payment levels is likely to have a positive effect on services diversification. Growth in the number of inpatient(More)
Regulatory DNA elements responsible for human protein C (PROC) gene expression have previously been identified in the upstream promoter region and first (untranslated) exon of the gene. Here we show that an additional sequence element located more than 500 bp downstream of the core promoter within intron 1 further enhances PROC promoter-driven reporter gene(More)
This article analyzes determinants of cost and profitability, including the influence of Medicare prospective payment (PPS), between 1983 and 1985 for nearly 300 hospitals belonging to investor-owned (IO) and not-for-profit (NFP) systems. Using approaches that assure comparability of financial data, and including case mix, quality, competition, and(More)
This study contrasts the determinants of community hospital utilization with Veterans Administration (VA) hospital utilization using traditional planning variables. The comparisons had some expected and some unanticipated findings. Regional differences in non-VA hospital admissions and bed days are fairly well explained by measures of medical need, provider(More)
The Medical District 17 Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D) Field Program was funded by the Veterans Administration (now the Department of Veterans Affairs--VA) in January 1983. This article describes the organization, progress, and accomplishments of this field program, and it provides a review of the breadth of health services research that(More)
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