Brent Maundy

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In this study, the authors propose the use of field programmable analogue array hardware to implement an approximated fractional step transfer function of order (n+ a) where n is an integer and 0 , a , 1. The authors show how these filters can be designed using an integer order transfer function approximation of the fractional order Laplacian operator s.(More)
In this paper we propose a fractional lowpass transfer function of the order (n+α) where n is an integer and 0 < α < 1. We show how this filter can be designed using an integer-order transfer function approximation of the fractionalorder Laplacian operator s. A 1 order lowpass filter with fractional steps from 0.1 to 0.9, that is of order 1.1 to 1.9 is(More)
A new Current Feedback Amplifier (CFA) suitable for VLSI applications is presented in two different designs to serve both low power (LBW design) and high bandwidth (HBW) applications. The new circuit is employing positive current conveyor followed by amplifier followed by buffer to achieve vey high trans-impedance for this CFA circuit without needing to(More)
In the field of bioimpedance measurements, the Cole impedance model is widely used for characterizing biological tissues and biochemical materials. In this work, a nonlinear least squares fitting is applied to extract the double-dispersion Cole impedance parameters from simulated magnitude response datasets without requiring the direct impedance data or(More)
We report an experimental technique for estimating the dispersion coefficient &#x03B1; of a constant phase element (CPE). The method employs using a setup to excite the impedance under consideration via a periodic triangle-wave current I(t). Measuring the 50% rise time of the developed voltage V (t) then enables finding &#x03B1; using a pre-calculated(More)