Brent MacGregor

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In this paper, the 1968 landmark computer art exhibition Cybernetic Serendipity is examined systematically and in detail. Extant archives were examined and interviews conducted. Certain common conceptions about the nature of the event are discussed with some surprising results.
To identify dominant themes characterizing patients' perspectives on death during their last months of life, an ethnographic technique of interviewing and an inductive qualitative approach to analysis were employed. Serial, in-depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 30 patients (mean = 4.2 interviews/patient) followed as close to the time of(More)
This study reports UK doctors' opinions about legalisation of medically assisted dying (euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide), comparing this with the UK general public. A postal survey of 3733 UK medical practitioners was done. The majority of UK doctors are opposed to legalisation, contrasting with the UK general public. Palliative medicine(More)
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