Brent M. Haddad

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Water availability limits plant growth and production in almost all terrestrial ecosystems. However, biomes differ substantially in sensitivity of aboveground net primary production (ANPP) to between-year variation in precipitation. Average rain-use efficiency (RUE; ANPP/precipitation) also varies between biomes, supposedly because of differences in(More)
This paper reviews experience with two programs sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency* the Green Lights and Energy Star O$ce Products programs* that promote the adoption of energy-e$cient technologies through voluntary agreements with private sector "rms. The evidence suggests that Green Lights has induced "rms to make investments in(More)
Reported autochthonous dengue fever transmission in the United States has been limited to 5 south Texas border counties since 1980. We conducted a cross-sectional serosurvey in Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico (n = 600), in 2004 to assess dengue seroprevalence. Recent dengue infection was detected in 2% (95% confidence interval [CI](More)
The environmental agenda for mitigating climate change through international transfers of technology is linked with a diverse literature, reviewed here within a framework that combines technological, agent/agenda, and market/transaction perspectives. Literature that bears on international technology transfer for climate change mitigation is similar in many(More)
Following single, high dose (3 mg/kg) DDP therapy seven patients with head and neck cancer developed significant serum electrolyte disturbances. Hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia, hypokalemia, and hypophosphatemia were the most clinically significant electrolyte abnormalities. Renal clearance studies support a pathologic mechanism of a diffuse renal tubular(More)
Major transitions in a multiple-use or mosaic landscape often lead to frictions among new and existing users. In this article, we consider the problem of ecological restoration within a mosaic landscape in which restoration activities elicit feedbacks from individuals and groups that are harmed by restoration outcomes. Using game theory, we identify three(More)
FOREWORD Regulations are the sinews of modern government, the legal instruments that connect abstract government policies with the day-today activities of commerce and private life. In the highly-developed administrative states characteristic of OECD countries, government effectiveness has become to a significant degree dependent on the quality of the(More)
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