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—We demonstrate room-temperature pulsed current-injected operation of InGaAlN heterostructure laser diodes with mirrors fabricated by chemically assisted ion beam etching. The multiple-quantum-well devices were grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy on c-face sapphire substrates. The emission wavelengths of the gain-guided laser diodes were in the(More)
Scalable circuits of organic logic and memory are realized using all-additive printing processes. A 3-bit organic complementary decoder is fabricated and used to read and write non-volatile, rewritable ferroelectric memory. The decoder-memory array is patterned by inkjet and gravure printing on flexible plastics. Simulation models for the organic(More)
Evidence is presented for phase separation in In 0.27 Ga 0.73 N/GaN multiple quantum wells. After annealing for 40 h at a temperature of 950 °C, the absorption threshold at 2.95 eV is replaced by a broad peak at 2.65 eV. This peak is attributed to the formation of In-rich InGaN phases in the active region. X-ray diffraction measurements show a shift in the(More)
We demonstrate the feasibility of polycrystalline nitride semiconductor light-emitting diodes ͑LEDs͒. Here, polycrystalline LEDs were deposited on quartz substrates, incorporating a layer structure identical to that used for epitaxially grown LEDs. The deposition exhibits a tendency to produce c-oriented crystallites. Violet-blue ͑430 nm͒ operation of a(More)
Interdiffusion of In and Ga is observed in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells for annealing temperatures of 1300–1400 °C. Hydrostatic pressures of up to 15 kbar were applied to prevent surface decomposition. In as-grown material, x-ray diffraction spectra show InGaN diffraction peaks up to the fourth order. After annealing at 1400 °C for 15 min, only the(More)
The Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is conducting a technical program to develop and prototype disposable flexible blast dosimeter tapes to detect the occurrence of events that cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI is a medical condition that is cumulative and triggered by events such as blast pressure waves, noise, acceleration and possibly also(More)
We have demonstrated a printed electronic tag that monitors time-integrated sensor signals and writes to nonvolatile memories for later readout. The tag is additively fabricated on flexible plastic foil and comprises a thermistor divider, complementary organic circuits, and two nonvolatile memory cells. With a supply voltage below 30 V, the threshold(More)
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