Brent K Hoffmeister

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The content and organization of collagen in the cardiac interstitium may represent significant determinants of the ultrasonic scattering properties of myocardium. This study was designed to investigate the anisotropic backscattering properties of a fibrous soft tissue exhibiting an ordered arrangement of fibers similar to myocardium, but possessing a(More)
A restricted-bandwidth form of the Kramers-Kronig dispersion relations is applied to in vitro measurements of ultrasonic attenuation and dispersion properties of trabecular bone specimens from bovine tibia. The Kramers-Kronig analysis utilizes only experimentally measured properties and avoids extrapolation of ultrasonic properties beyond the known(More)
Clinical implementation of quantitative ultrasonic tissue characterization is likely to require imaging the heart with sound propagating at varying angles relative to the fibers of the heart. Under these circumstances, the variation of the ultrasonic properties of myocardium with the angle of propagation relative to the myofibers may represent a significant(More)
Ultrasonic techniques based on measurements of apparent backscatter may provide a useful means for diagnosing bone diseases such as osteoporosis. The term "apparent" means that the backscattered signals are not compensated for the frequency-dependent effects of attenuation and diffraction. We performed in vitro apparent backscatter measurements on 23(More)
The linear elastic properties of a soft tissue exhibiting a unidirectional arrangement of reinforcing fibers may be described in terms of the five independent elastic stiffness coefficients C11, C13, C33, C44, and C66. In previous studies, ultrasonic measurements of these coefficients for formalin fixed specimens of bovine Achilles tendon and normal human(More)
Ultrasound offers a noninvasive means to detect changes that occur to the density of cancellous bone as a result of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. Techniques based on the velocity and frequency dependence of attenuation of ultrasonic pulses propagated through cancellous bone have proven sensitive to bone density. Most previous studies have(More)
Apparent integrated backscatter (AIB) is a measure of the frequency-averaged (integrated) backscattered power contained in some portion of a backscattered ultrasonic signal. AIB has been used extensively to study soft tissues, but its usefulness as a tissue characterization technique for cancellous bone has not been demonstrated. To address this, we(More)
This study investigates the influence of the fiber-reinforced nature of myocardium and tendon on the propagation of transverse mode ultrasonic waves. Formalin fixed specimens of normal human left ventricular cardiac muscle and bovine Achilles tendon were prepared for this study in such a way that transverse mode ultrasonic waves could be propagated(More)
The technology surrounding ultrasonic bone assessment is evolving rapidly as investigators explore the utility of new ultrasonic parameters and different ultrasonic frequencies. This study had three main goals. The first was to perform in vitro measurements of the speed of sound (SOS) and normalized broadband ultrasonic attenuation (nBUA) in specimens of(More)
BACKGROUND Noninvasive approaches to the evaluation of idiopathic cardiomyopathy are limited. Recent work from our laboratory has used quantitative ultrasound to define the three-dimensional structure of normal human myocardium and the myocardial remodeling associated with infarction. Our goal was to define the role of ultrasonic tissue characterization for(More)