Brent J. Linville

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In this study, we experimentally elevated levels of octopamine and serotonin in an orb-weaving spider, and observed the effects on the antipredator behavior thanatosis (death feigning), activity level, and running speed. We found that octopamine significantly shortened the duration of thanatosis, and its effect wore off over 24 h. We also found that(More)
The eggshell of oviparous lizards is a significant source of calcium for embryos, whereas the eggshell of viviparous lizards, when present, contains little calcium. In view of the potential cost to embryonic nutrition occasioned by the loss of eggshell calcium, the large number of independent origins of viviparity among lizards is surprising. Concomitant(More)
A prominent scenario for the evolution of viviparity and placentation in reptiles predicts a step-wise pattern with an initial phase of prolonged oviductal egg retention accompanied by progressive reduction in eggshell thickness culminating in viviparity; calcium placentotrophy evolves secondarily to viviparity. Saiphos equalis is an Australian scincid(More)
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