Brent Ellerbroek

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We describe modeling and simulation results for the Thirty Meter Telescope on the degradation of sodium laser guide star Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor measurement accuracy that will occur due to the spatial structure and temporal variations of the mesospheric sodium layer. By using a contiguous set of lidar measurements of the sodium profile, the(More)
We investigate a new metric, the normalized point source sensitivity (PSSN), for characterizing the seeing-limited performance of large telescopes. As the PSSN metric is directly related to the photometric error of background limited observations, it represents the efficiency loss in telescope observing time. The PSSN metric properly accounts for the(More)
Tomographic wavefront estimation using laser and natural guide stars is under development for ground-based extremely large telescopes. Typical wavefront sensing requirements include several bright mesospheric sodium laser guide stars (LGSs) supplemented by a few dim natural guide stars (NGSs) required to sense at low frame rate a small number of low-order(More)
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