Brent E Larson

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OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of landmark labeling on the accuracy and precision of an indirect facial anthropometric technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighteen standard linear craniofacial measurements were obtained from 10 adults using the 3dMDface system, with landmarks labeled (Labeled_3D) and without landmarks labeled (Unlabeled_3D) before(More)
OBJECTIVE To elicit the magnitude, directional bias, and frequency of bracket positioning errors caused by the transfer of brackets from a dental cast to the patient's dentition in a clinical setting. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 136 brackets were evaluated. The brackets were placed on dental casts and scanned using cone beam computed tomography(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study, we examined the effect of neonatal administration of capsaicin on the magnitude of orthodontic tooth movement in rats. METHODS Twelve timed pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized between the capsaicin group and the vehicle group. The pups received treatment with either capsaicin or vehicle on day 2 of life. Capsaicin(More)
Recently proposed enhancements to the CM-5 architecture for QCD calculations will also allow Teraflop performance in ab initio material science and chemical calculations with current; well established techniques. Such performance brings fundamental computational studies to a qualitatively new echelon and unleashes the full predictive power of first(More)
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