Brent Douglas

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Bovine chromaffin granules and large dense-cored vesicles of bovine splenic nerve were compared by one- and two-dimensional immunoblotting. Both types of vesicles contain chromogranin A, B and C. However, the proteolytic processing of these chromogranins within these vesicles is apparently different. Chromogranin B in chromaffin granules is processed by(More)
Opioid peptides including met- and leu-enkephalins are co-stored with catecholamines at similar concentrations in highly purified chromaffin granule fractions from bovine adrenal medulla and large dense cored vesicle (LDV) fractions from bovine splenic nerve. An initial attempt was made to test the universality of the co-storage of enkephalins in LDVs of(More)
Highly purified noradrenergic, large, dense-cored vesicles were isolated from bovine sympathetic nerve endings by sucrose-D2O density gradient centrifugation. Their concentration of glycoprotein hexosamine and sialic acid was 6.6 and 3.9 mumol/100 mg lipid-free dry weight, respectively, values which are similar to those previously found in bovine chromaffin(More)
A "closed space" subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) was produced experimentally in cats by rupture of the right middle cerebral artery to test the working hypothesis that a stressful event which provokes powerful sympathoadrenal discharge: causes a massive release of co-stored endogenous enkephalins together with catecholamines, induces an increased rate of(More)
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