Brent Delbridge

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Studies of 6He beta decay along with tritium can play an important role in testing ab initio nuclear wave-function calculations and may allow for fixing low-energy constants in effective-field theories. Here, we present an improved determination of the 6He half-life to a relative precision of 3×10(-4). Our value of 806.89±0.11(stat)(-0.19syst)(+0.23)  ms(More)
It has been hypothesized that shear dislocation on the plate interface accompanies deep tremor and low frequency earthquakes (LFE’s) (e.g. Wech and Creager, 2007; Ide et al, 2007; Shelly, 2007). We hope to test this claim on tremor and LFE’s on the San Andreas fault (SAF) through rigorous statistical examination of the laser strainmeter data from two long(More)
We measure experimentally the penetration depth d of spherical particles into a water-saturated granular medium made of much smaller sand-sized grains. We vary the density, size R, and velocity U of the impacting spheres, and the size δ of the grains in the granular medium. We consider velocities between 7 and 107 m/s, a range not previously addressed, but(More)
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