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There is little argument about the value of assessment , measurement, and the use of the information that results therefrom , but the question of what should be measured and how that information should be used has been more problematic. One of the defining themes of contemporary organizational theory is the emphasis on information and measurement for(More)
The 2004 recipient of NCA's Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguish Applied Scholarship, Brent Ruben's professional record spans more than three decades and has focused in four major areas: organizational development, communication/information systems, medical/health communication, and intercultural communication. His publication record and professional(More)
A publication devoted to interdisciplinary innovations where organizational, leadership, and communication studies intersect Introduction As the health professional community struggles to develop more integrated and cross-disciplinary approaches to medical education and practice, ironically, the healthcare consumer community has already become quite(More)
Increasing emphasis in recent years has been placed on health promotion, prevention, and the self-management of health care. These strategies presume the public has sufficient levels of relevant health information, as well as necessary attitudes and skills for the effective use of this information in the management of their own health care. This study tests(More)
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