Brent Black

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The current survey investigates the features of driver fatigue incidents (accidents, near accidents and unintentional drifting-out-of-lane events) which occurred in cities. The results show similar patterns to previous surveys, with incident trips tending to be short, and prior sleep loss and late night driving featuring as factors. Work trips feature very(More)
A survey of direct patient care and nondirect patient care volunteers in two hospice programs generated information about various aspects of their volunteer experience. This paper focuses on the effectiveness of identified recruitment strategies for direct patient care, clerical, and fundraising volunteers. People learned about the opportunity to volunteer(More)
U tah has a small, but regionally (and nationally, in the case of tart cherry) significant tree fruit industry producing over $23 million in orchard receipts (US Census Bureau, 2009) from about 8,000 acres statewide (42% tart cherry, 23% peaches, 21% apple, with the remainder in sweet cherries, apricots, pears and other minor crops; USDANASS, 2007). Hence,(More)
Summer-bearing raspberry plants have a perennial root system with biennial canes, meaning the root system may live for many years while the individual shoots live for only 2 years. During the first year of growth, the canes (primocanes) typically only produce leaves, while in the second year, the same canes (now floricanes) flower and bear fruit. Even(More)
The resurgence of tuberculosis gives cause for alarm. Compliance with an effective medication regimen leads to cure; yet, many patients fail to comply. This paper discusses factors affecting compliance and the essential role of social work, from an ecological perspective, when intervening to increase compliance. The authors relate comments made by patients(More)