Brent A Koscher

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Anisotropic colloidal quasi-two-dimensional nanoplates (NPLs) hold great promise as functional materials due to their combination of low dimensional optoelectronic properties and versatility through colloidal synthesis. Recently, lead-halide perovskites have emerged as important optoelectronic materials with excellent efficiencies in photovoltaic and(More)
We demonstrate postsynthetic modification of CsPbBr3 nanocrystals by a thiocyanate salt treatment. This treatment improves the quantum yield of both freshly synthesized (PLQY ≈ 90%) and aged nanocrystals (PLQY ≈ 70%) to within measurement error (2-3%) of unity, while simultaneously maintaining the shape, size, and colloidal stability. Additionally, the(More)
Confined environments can be used to alter the selectivity of a reaction by influencing the organization of the reactants, altering the mobility of trapped molecules, facilitating one reaction pathway or selectively stabilizing the products. This manuscript utilizes a series of potentially photoreactive guests to interrogate the utility of the(More)
Ion-exchange transformations allow access to nanocrystalline materials with compositions that are inaccessible via direct synthetic routes. However, additional mechanistic insight into the processes that govern these reactions is needed. We present evidence for the presence of two distinct mechanisms of exchange during anion exchange in CsPbX3 nanocrystals(More)
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