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In vertebrates, hematopoietic and vascular progenitors develop from ventral mesoderm. The first primitive wave of hematopoiesis yields embryonic red blood cells, whereas progenitor cells of subsequent definitive waves form all hematopoietic cell lineages. In this report we examine the development of hematopoietic and vasculogenic cells in normal zebrafish(More)
The Krüppel-like factor (KLF) family of genes encodes transcriptional regulatory proteins that play roles in differentiation of a diverse set of cells in mammals. For instance, the founding member KLF1 (also known as EKLF) is required for normal globin production in mammals. Five new KLF genes have been isolated from the zebrafish, Danio rerio, and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether earlier age at weaning (age 3-6 months) may promote faster growth during infancy. STUDY DESIGN Weaning at age 3.0-7.0 months was reported by 571 mothers of term singletons in a prospective birth cohort study conducted in Cambridge, UK. Infant weight and length were measured at birth and at age 3 months and 12 months.(More)
There are at least three distinct MAP kinase signaling modules in mammalian cells, distinguished by the family of kinases (Erk, SAPK/JNK, or p38) that is ultimately activated. Many input signals activate multiple MAP kinase cascades, and the mechanisms that control the specificity of signal output are not well understood. We show that SEK1/MKK4, a MAP(More)
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