Brennan Moore

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The effects of diet and hindgut defaunation (removal of protozoa from the hindgut) on diet digestibility (Trial 1) and on total and cellulolytic bacterial and fungal concentrations in the cecum and colon (Trial 2) were investigated. A high-forage (HF) diet, 90% alfalfa hay-10% concentrate, or a higher-concentrate (HC) diet, 60% alfalfa hay-40% concentrate,(More)
In this paper, we explore the potential for letting users automatically track and selectively publish their web browsing activities in real time on the Web. We developed a system, Eyebrowse, with three goals: first, to provide a means for individuals to better understand how they spend time on the web through visualizations and statistics; secondly, to(More)
The transition of personal information management (PIM) tools off the desktop to the Web presents an opportunity to augment these tools with capabilities provided by the wealth of real-time information readily available. In this paper, we describe a next-generation personal information assistance engine that lets end-users delegate to it various simple(More)
The web, personal computers and instant ubiquitous digital communications have brought unprecedented constant demands on our attention. As a result, people do not spend as much time thinking, reflecting upon situations, decisions and activities as they used to. As a consequence, people feel less organized, and often lack the situational clarity to make(More)
The effects of supplementation of dietary clofibric acid (.5% wt/wt) on fatty acid binding protein (FABP) activity, apparent lipid digestibility, and serum cholesterol concentrations were evaluated in weanling pigs. Twenty-four barrows were allotted by weight and litter to a randomized complete block design with two treatments (basal vs clofibric acid) in(More)
A total of 180 crossbred, weanling pigs were assigned to five dietary treatment groups: 1) a basal corn-soybean meal diet formulated to current NRC recommendations, 2) basal + monosodium phosphate (2 x NRC P recommendations; P), 3) basal + alpha-tocopheryl acetate (220 IU/kg; E), 4) basal + sorbitol (1% of the diet; S) and 5) basal + PES. Dietary treatments(More)
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