Brenna Rosenberg

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This study evaluates the metabolism of the anticancer drug topotecan (TPT) in the isolated perfused rat liver of male Wistar-rats. Using a sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography method, in bile TPT, its ring-opened hydroxycarboxylate form and three new metabolites could be quantified. Enzymatic hydrolysis of the metabolites with beta-glucuronidase(More)
The insulin resistance (metabolic) syndrome (IRS), also known as syndrome X, is characterized by a clustering of factors associated with cardiovascular risk (obesity, impaired glucose metabolism, hypertension, and dyslipidemia). As reported from the third National Health and Nutrition Examination survey, the IRS is present in approximately 24% of adults in(More)
BACKGROUND Gelsolin is an actin-binding protein found in the cytoplasm and in extracellular fluids including blood plasma. Plasma gelsolin concentration decreases after a wide range of injuries. We hypothesized that the repletion of gelsolin would limit inflammation and tissue injury in a rat model of sepsis using cecal ligation and double puncture (2CLP).(More)
Developmental changes of two mitochondrial enzymes, succinate- and menadione-dependent alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenases (SDH, M alpha GPDH) have been studied by histochemical techniques in early autopsy material in the following areas of human neocortex: area 4 (motor cortex), area 17 (visual cortex) and area 40 (associative cortex). Each area studied(More)
Increasing use of silver in the treatment of water has necessitated an examination of microbiological methods for the measurement of silver inactivation of microorganisms. Three common agar media were tested for their ability to neutralize the bacteriostatic effects of silver. Results suggested that growth media differed in their neutralizing capacity; that(More)
When pain persists after a successful injection of the inferior alveolar nerve, the professional must think on the possibility of supplementary nerve supply of the region. This review updates the current knowledge of this supplementary innervation. Not every patient will require this kind of anesthesia, however, the dentist must be aware of its existence.