Brenna M Richardson

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Six barbiturates with diverse time-action characteristics--thiopental, pentobarbital, butabarbital, phenobarbital, diphenylbarbiturate, and barbital--were evaluated for "anticonvulsant" and "neurotoxic" effects. For the former, the MES test, clonic seizures induced by pentylenetetrazol, 90 mg/kg, s.c., and maximal seizures produced by pentylenetetrazol, 200(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a complex neurodegenerative process that involves altered brain immune, neuronal and metabolic functions. Understanding the underlying mechanisms has relied on mouse models that mimic components of AD pathology. We used gel-free, label-free LC-MS/MS to quantify protein and phosphopeptide levels in brains of APPSwDI/NOS2-/-(More)
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