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In the majority of patients in this series of 1,000, acute abdominal pain was due to conditions that required neither surgical intervention nor hospitalization. Eleven of the 1,000 patients had an early missed diagnosis in the emergency clinic for which a subsequent operation was needed, and twenty underwent an operation which subsequent diagnosis showed(More)
Seventeen shoulders in ten adolescents were evaluated for non-traumatic posterior instability. Each patient had significant disability in throwing a ball, swimming, arm-blocking in football, and bench-pressing weights. Each patient had excessive retroversion of the glenoid. Five shoulders had a posterior opening-wedge osteotomy of the scapular neck to(More)
  • B J Brewer
  • 1979
The many years of challenge in treating athletes disabled by tendinitis stimulated a study of the aging of tendons. Autopsy specimens, representing tendons from 20-, 50-, and 70-year-old subjects, were obtained. Each specimen, consisting of a wedge of the greater tuberosity with the attached supraspinatus tendon, was examined roentgenographically to study(More)
Two years after pelvic irradiation for prostatic cancer, bilateral protrusio acetabuli and collapse of the right femoral head requiring prosthetic arthroplasty developed in a 73-year-old man with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. There was no evidence of metastases. Histologic evaluation showed empty lacunae in the bone but no evidence of obliterative(More)
Four women, aged 63 to 90 years old, presented with mildly painful shoulders of decreased mobility or stability. Radiographic evidence of a complete tear of the fibrous rotator cuff was present in 7 of 8 shoulder joints. Microspheroids containing hydroxyapatite crystals were seen by scanning electronmicroscopy in 12 of 13 synovial fluid samples. All(More)
To help determine the duration of benefits in functional performance resulting from total hip arthroplasty (THA), multiple kinesiologic measurements were made before surgery and two and four years after 32 Charnley and 40 Müller THA procedures were done in 58 patients. There were no complications of loosening or infection, nor was there additional(More)
Stellar oscillations can provide a wealth of information about a star, which can be extracted from observed time series of the star's brightness or radial velocity. In this paper we address the question of how to extract as much information as possible from such a dataset. We have developed a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) code that is able to infer the(More)