Brendon Clark

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This article explores strategic planning from the perspective of the health care supervisor. It analyzes the strategic environment of organizations, the planning process, how to evaluate the strategic plan, and the implementation phase. A strategic planning model is offered as well as a view of the future of strategic planning. The article articulates that(More)
In this interactive exhibition we invite participants to experience and experiment with the tool called "Interaction Navigator". The Interaction Navigator has been developed as a reflective tool for improving language learning through everyday "in-the-wild" interactions. This tool sensitizes users about the systemic connectedness of an interaction and all(More)
In countless ways, the United States is looked at as a model by much of the world. In the new corporate environment, decision making must be fast and accurate, dictating in turn that accurate information must flow faster. Information systems can absorb the side effects of change and interactive process developed to assess, define, and agree to a new set of(More)
In the changing climate of design education, programs attempt to prepare their students for professional practice in an uncertain job market. Educators attempt to equip their students with the skill sets and the development model to effectively contribute to innovative work practice wherever they may end up. Here we revisit Habraken’s ‘concept design games’(More)
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