Brendon Boland

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The lung, which is in intimate contact with the external environment, is exposed to a number of toxicants both by virtue of its large surface area and because it receives 100% of the cardiac output. Lung diseases are a major disease entity in the U.S. population ranking third in terms of morbidity and mortality. Despite the importance of these diseases, key(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Liver transplantation has always been fraught with conflict. The ongoing shortage of organs for transplantation has led to sicker recipients and the pressure to utilize more marginal grafts. At the same time, increasing public scrutiny and regulatory oversight have emphasized lower costs and better outcomes. This environment exaggerates(More)
In the first article of this series, we have shown how to translate a clinical problem into a well built question, by creating a PICO (Patient--Intervention--Comparison--Outcome). In this second article, we will explain how to transform the PICO in English search terms for use on the internet. We use these terms in the different databases to find the answer(More)
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