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More sinn’d against than sinning? The intermediate system of schooling in Ireland 1878–1922
The Intermediate System of schooling, which operated in Ireland between 1878 and 1922, has, generally, been considered limited in ambition and as having generated a culture of high-stake terminal e...
‘Injurious to the Best Interests of Education’? Teaching and Learning Under the Intermediate Education System, 1878–1922
The personal histories of the teaching profession in Ireland have been largely unrecorded. We know very little of the daily lives of teachers and their pupils. School histories tend to beExpand
New languages of possibility: early experiments in education as dissent
This paper reviews the work of four early radical educators: the cultural nationalist Rabindranath Tagore (1861–1941), Asia’s first Nobel Laureate; Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), CambridgeExpand
‘I never heard the word methodology’: personal accounts of teacher training in Ireland 1943–1980
Abstract This article examines the experiences of 27 retired secondary school teachers (respondents) who completed initial teacher education (ITE) courses between 1943 and 1980. The eldest respondentExpand
Teachers’ Experience of School: First-hand Accounts, 1943–1965
The discussion presented here forms part of a wider study into the history of teaching in Ireland primarily employing oral testimony from one-to-one interviews with retired teachers. This chapter isExpand
The “Haunting Silence”: autobiographical accounts of secondary teaching in twentieth-century Ireland
This article employs five teacher autobiographies in an attempt to examine their contribution to the history of teaching in Ireland. The article argues that such autobiographies provide significant...