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require only a small amount of hand-annotated training, but require this for every relation of interest. This still presents a knowledge engineering bottleneck, when one considers the unbounded number of relations in a diverse corpus such as the web. Shinyama and Sekine (2006) explored unsupervised relation discovery using a clustering algorithm with good(More)
HLA typing was performed for 17 antigens on cells from 239 unrelated Caucasians, 24 of whom had latent ischaemic heart disease as shown by abnormal EKG readings after exercise tests. The contingency χ2 test showed a significant increase in the frequency of HLA-B27 in the latter group. Further, the mean serum calcium level was found to be higher in people(More)
Calusterone (7 alpha, 17beta-dimethyltestosterone) is an orally effective weakly androgenic steroid. The antitumor efficacy of calusterone, 200 mg per day against objectively progressing advanced breast cancer in females has already been reported. In the present study calusterone was used in metastatic breast cancer in two male patients. Both had failed to(More)
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