Brendan P. Twomey

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Available evidence indicates that poor metabolic control and raised blood pressure each accelerate the development of diabetic microangiopathy. Microangiopathy is associated with excess albumin deposition in capillary basement membranes and it has been suggested that increased extravasation of plasma constituents may lead to basement membrane thickening. We(More)
The cauda equina syndrome is a rare but well-recognised complication of longstanding ankylosing spondylitis, usually presenting when the joint disease is quiescent. The clinical and radiological findings in a patient with only a 3-year history, in whom the onset of joint and neurological symptoms was apparently simultaneous, are presented. MRI revealed(More)
Vitamin D sterol administration, a traditional treatment for secondary hyperparathyroidism, may increase serum calcium and phosphorus, and has been associated with increased vascular calcification (VC). In vitro studies suggest that in the presence of uremic concentrations of phosphorus, vitamin D sterols regulate gene expression associated with(More)
Extramedullary plasmacytomas involving the retroperitoneum are rare. Review of the literature reveals only one case in which computed tomography (CT) findings were illustrated, and this case involved the pancreas. Described here is unusual case in which pancreatic and renal plasmacytomas occurred in a patient who 18 months previously had presented with a(More)
An angiographic study in cadavers has demonstrated connections between the renal artery and remote vessels including the intercostal, testicular, and inferior mesenteric arteries in subjects with no known history of renal disease. Such communications are a potential route by which embolic material introduced into the renal artery may inadvertently reach(More)
Background Mutations in rat sarcoma ( RAS) genes may be a mechanism of secondary resistance in EGFR inhibitor-treated patients. Tumor-tissue biopsy testing has been the standard for evaluating mutational status; however, plasma testing of cell-free DNA has been shown to be a more sensitive method for detecting clonal evolution. Materials and Methods(More)
Obstructed upper moiety of a duplex kidney is an uncommon diagnostic problem in adults. This is a report on two cases examined by computed tomography (CT) for suspected abdominal and suprarenal masses, respectively. Although CT is not the primary investigative tool for this condition, the unusual presentations allowed us the opportunity of studying the CT(More)
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