Brendan P. D. Ruff

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Presented here is an architecture for implenting a sub-pixel resolution edge detector based upon the second difference of a Gaussian filtering. A pipelining approach allows many simple operations to be performed in parallel across the video data stream so allowing a throughput at video rate, 10MHz. The output is intended describe edges in terms of an 8-bit(More)
Training a deep convolutional neural net typically starts with a random initialisation of all filters in all layers which severely reduces the forward signal and back-propagated error and leads to slow and sub-optimal training. Techniques that counter that focus on either increasing the signal or increasing the gradients adaptively but the model behaves(More)
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  • 1988
The origins and functions of the World Health Organization (WHO) Library and the global, regional, and national objectives of the WHO Health Literature Services Program (HLSP) are reviewed. WHO is an aggregate of nations and not a supra-national body. With limited resources and unlimited needs, HLSP is involved in surveys, training, regional medical(More)
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