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Pro-inflammatory cytokines are known to be elevated in several pathological conditions that are associated with deficits in cognition. We have previously demonstrated that interleukin-18 (IL-18) inhibits long-term potentiation (LTP) in the dentate gyrus in vitro. In this study we have examined the involvement of the inflammatory mediators COX-2 and iNOS in(More)
Seven measurements were taken on 414 Euro-American, Afro-American, and Amerindian palates in an attempt to evaluate differences in dental arcade shape among these three groups. Width measurements across the palate at the first incisor, canine, second premolar, and second molar were taken directly on the dental arcade. The distances along the sagittal plane(More)
The effects of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-18 (IL-18) were investigated on both normal and isolated N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor-mediated field excitatory post synaptic potentials (fEPSP) and on the induction of long-term potentiation (LTP) in the rat dentate gyrus in vitro. Bath perfusion with IL-18 (100 ng/ml) for 20 min prior to(More)
Recent evidence has emphasised the importance of mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in the modulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity. Whilst extracellular-regulated kinase activation is now regarded as a critical step in the induction of long-term potentiation (LTP), activation of p38 and c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) is associated with its(More)
Nicotine has previously been shown to affect both long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression and to reverse age-related impairments of LTP in the hippocampus. Levels of proinflammatory cytokines are known to be elevated with age and to inhibit LTP. In the present study we have investigated the effects of three pro-inflammatory cytokines on(More)
UNLABELLED WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: The needs of older people with long-term mental illness are not very well addressed in policy and research. Older people are not a homogenous group and people ageing with long-term mental illness have potentially unique or specific needs. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: A unique example of the(More)
  • W.-C Tseng, Y.-H Chen, R.-B Lin, Router, Bo Marr, Brian Degnan +91 others
  • 2014
and cell library codevelopment for improving redundant via insertion at pins, " in Proc. Abstract—Statistical analysis of computations per unit energy in processors over the last 30 years is given that illustrates a sharp reduction in the rate of energy efficiency improvements over the last several years resulting in the formation of an asymptotic " wall "(More)
  • Byron Krauter, Joel Phillips, Lawrence T Pileggi, Jacob White, Kenneth L Shepard, References +76 others
  • 1999
Two optimizations to accelerated method-of-moments algorithms for signal integrity analysis of complicated 3-d packages. he was responsible for the design methodology for IBM's G4 S/390 microprocessors. Since 1997, he has been at Columbia University, where he is now Associate Professor. Number of nonzero elements in the inductance matrix. Full partial(More)
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