Brendan M. Kelly

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Immature Schwann cells of the rat sciatic nerve can differentiate into myelin-forming or non-myelin-forming cells. The factors that influence this divergent development are unknown but certain markers such as galactocerebroside distinguish the two cell populations at an early stage of Schwann cell differentiation. Because myelination requires extensive(More)
Rumpshaker (rsh) is an X-linked mutation causing hypomyelination of the CNS of mice and has recently been identified as an allele of jimpy (jp). The mutation (known as jprsh) differs in several respects from other X-linked myelin mutants, including jp, in that mice have normal longevity, oligodendrocyte numbers are not decreased, and cell death is not a(More)
Expression of the genes that encode neurofilament proteins is considered to be confined normally to neurons. However, in demyelinating peripheral nerves Schwann cells upregulate the mRNA for the medium-sized neurofilament protein (NF-M), and cultured Schwann cells of the myelin-forming phenotype can also synthesize and incorporate NF-M protein into their(More)
Network connectivity is a critical property that provides communication foundation for most wireless sensor network (WSN) applications to operate successfully. Existing results on the WSN connectivity analysis are primarily based on a uniform distribution of sensors in a bounded field of interest. However, the sensor distribution can be non-uniform in(More)
Network connectivity, as a fundamental issue in a wireless sensor network(WSN), has been receiving considerable attention during the past decade. Most works focused on how to maintain full connectivity while conserving network resources. However, full connectivity is actually a sufficient but not necessary condition for many WSNs to communicate and function(More)
For a wireless sensor network (WSN) to operate successfully in an application of detecting a mobile intruder, the sensor's sensing of the intruder and the communication between the tasking sensor(s) and the base station should be jointly considered for effective intrusion detection. Most related work either treats the two tasks separately or considers both(More)
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