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OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the costs and cost-effectiveness of combining motivational interviewing with feedback to address heavy drinking among university freshmen. METHOD Microcosting methods were used in a prospective cost and cost-effectiveness study of a randomized trial of assessment only (AO), motivational interviewing (MI), feedback only (FB),(More)
Despite the popularity of motivational interviewing (MI) to address heavy drinking, limited evidence exists on the costs of using MI to address heavy drinking. This study examines the costs of using MI to address heavy drinking at four U.S. Air Force (USAF) bases. Clients were referred to and assessed at a base program to address their drinking as a result(More)
Background In the United States 1 in 45 adults is under criminal justice supervision in the community, and substance use is prevalent among this population. Treatment for this population has been shown to be generally cost-effective and cost-beneficial. Relatively little is known about the cost-effectiveness of services to enhance treatment receipt among(More)
Although a limited number of service cost estimates exist, no study has evaluated how differences in the method used to collect the staff time allocation across treatment services contribute to differences in service cost estimates. Three alternative data collection methods for estimating service-level costs in methadone treatment programs were evaluated:(More)
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