Brendan J. Murray

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Excessive daytime sleepiness has significant impact on neurological function, and has societal implications. Sleepiness is a common feature of many neurological conditions. A careful history will often reveal one of many common causes of excessive daytime sleepiness and suggest appropriate treatment. Neurophysiological testing can provide objective(More)
A 75-year-old man with hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia and prior coronary artery bypass surgery presented with a 1 h history of dysarthria. Examination was notable for a right gaze tendency that could not be overcome by oculocephalic manoeuvres, moderate facial droop and extensor plantar response. There was no neglect or anosagnosia. The National(More)
To obtain sufficient material for the biochemical and biophysical study of pp60c-src, we have utilized a recombinant pp60c-src baculovirus lacking the myristoylation site at codon 2. On infection of Sf9 cells, this virus produced large amounts of soluble non-myristoylated pp60c-src. The use of non-myristoylated pp60c-src (1) increases production of(More)
Solid-phase ELISAs for the determination of EGF receptor (EGF-R) and pp60c-src tyrosine protein kinase activity are described. The methods were developed and optimized using purified recombinant EGF-R intracellular domain (ICD) and pp60c-src tyrosine protein kinases. A standardized assay that utilizes poly (GluNa-Tyr)4:1 as substrate and a monoclonal(More)
Seizures during thrombolytic therapy for ischemic stroke have not previously been described as a favorable prognostic sign. We report three patients with severe stroke (NIH Stroke Scale [NIHSS] score 15 to 20) who experienced a seizure during tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) infusion. While initially raising alarm about possible hemorrhage, the seizures(More)
Mild reduction of mature, thymic Ly-2/3 heterodimers of M r 67 000 resulted in dissociation into three individual polypeptide chains, α, α′, and β, of respective M r values 38000, 35000, and 30000. The α and α′ chains were both immunoprecipitated by a monoclonal antibody directed to the Ly-2.1 epitope whereas the Ly-3.1 antibody bound only the β chain. The(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies to date have captured perfusion and vascular permeability changes during a migraineur's aura. This may be important information to the clinician in the context of the differential diagnosis of migraine with aura versus acute stroke. SUMMARY We report a case in which magnetic resonance perfusion during a migraine aura showed(More)
PBMC from Melanesians who had high antibody reactivities to fusion proteins encompassing the 3' and the 5' repeat regions of the ring infected E surface antigen (Pf155/RESA), were tested for their ability to respond to synthetic and recombinant peptides representing regions of Pf155/RESA. The aim was to identify T cell epitopes within the Ag. Most of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of early labour, maternal analgesia and fetal hypoxia on circulating fetal oxytocin concentrations. DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING Delivery suite in a District General Hospital. SUBJECTS Fifty women at term who did not require oxytocin administration or more than one form of analgesia. Study groups:(More)