Brendan J. Howlin

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The p22(phox) protein is an essential subunit of the cytochrome b(558) of the NADPH oxidase (Nox) complex which by generating reactive oxygen species (ROS) plays important role in regulating cellular function. p22(phox) stabilises the Nox enzyme, assists in catalytic core maturation and in the meantime provides an anchoring site for cytosolic regulatory(More)
Updated models of the Rat Cytochrome P450 2D enzymes are produced based on the recent x-ray structures of the Human P450 2D6 enzyme both with and without a ligand bound. The differences in species selectivity between the epimers quinine and quinidine are rationalised using these models and the results are discussed with regard to previous studies. A close(More)
Using a parameter set (RDA-DR2.21_Inv) previously published by our group, both the atom-to-atom connectivities and geometries and the physical and mechanical properties of poly[bis-4-(4-cyanatophenoxy)phenyl sulphone] have been simulated with remarkable accuracy. Molecular dynamics simulation, carried out on the polymer structure at a variety of(More)
BACKGROUND A new algorithm has been developed to enable the interpretation of black box models. The developed algorithm is agnostic to learning algorithm and open to all structural based descriptors such as fragments, keys and hashed fingerprints. The algorithm has provided meaningful interpretation of Ames mutagenicity predictions from both random forest(More)
The construction of molecular models of crosslinked polymers is an area of some difficulty and considerable interest. We report here a new method of constructing these models and validate the method by modelling three epoxy systems based on the epoxy monomers bisphenol F diglycidyl ether (BFDGE) and triglycidyl-p-amino phenol (TGAP) with the curing agent(More)
The technique of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) is well accepted by the drug design community. The analogous technique of quantitative structure-property relationships (QSPR) has applications in the field of polymer chemistry. A variety of molecular modeling and molecular orbital techniques was used to find molecular descriptors that(More)
The Molecular Operating Environment software (MOE) is used to construct a series of benzoxazine monomers for which a variety of parameters relating to the structures (e.g. water accessible surface area, negative van der Waals surface area, hydrophobic volume and the sum of atomic polarizabilities, etc.) are obtained and quantitative structure property(More)
Phagocyte superoxide production by a multicomponent NADPH oxidase is important in host defense against microbial invasion. However inappropriate NADPH oxidase activation causes inflammation. Endothelial cells express NADPH oxidase and endothelial oxidative stress due to prolonged NADPH oxidase activation predisposes many diseases. Discovering the mechanism(More)
The miscibility of the dicyanate of bisphenol A, with three dicyanate monomers, with aryl/alkylene ether backbones is studied at different compositions of a binary blend. Solubility parameters are calculated for dicyanate monomers and selected oligmers using the methods of Small and Fedors to predict compatibility. The results are evaluated in terms of the(More)
A series of agonists to the rat muscarinic receptor have been docked computationally to the active site of a homology model of rat M1 muscarinic receptor. The agonists were modelled on the X-ray crystal structure of atropine, which is reported here and the docking studies are shown to reproduce correctly the order of experimental binding affinities for the(More)