Brendan J. Gray

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Recent research has begun to redress the lack of strategic emphasis in services marketing. Top performing services are more market oriented, have higher investment in brand management, better managed service innovation processes and a greater web presence (Gray et al. 1999). Although this helps understand overall drivers of service firm performance, it does(More)
Despite the increasing number of companies investing in mobile marketing campaigns, research investigation on the adoption process of mobile marketing from the perspective of consumers has been limited. Although mobile devices are a promising marketing tool, mobile spam (i.e. unsolicited SMS messages) raises privacy concerns relating to the utilisation of(More)
The evolution of e-commerce also has brought with it a new marketing channel known as mobile marketing (m-marketing). Although mobile devices have been seen as a potential channel to reach consumers, effort is still needed to understand what influences intention to adopt mobile marketing. This study integrates innovation characteristics of the(More)
This paper presents part of an ongoing research project into the competitiveness of New Zealand service sector firms. The overall aim of the research is to identify best practice in order to help firms improve their competitiveness in the service sector. Quantitative data has already been collected by means of a mail survey. This paper, however, focuses on(More)
Marketing has been identified as one of the main reasons for small business success or failure. Although an increasing number of empirical studies are devoted to small organisations, most marketing research has focused on large organisations. Current literature on small organisations is mostly concerned with the characteristics and limitations of small(More)
Although telephone crisis centers have been shown to be a viable mode of community service, they are not without problems. Empirically based research upon which to make appropriate clinical and administrative decisions, particularly in the selection and training of volunteers has been lacking. In response to that need, a construct was developed that fused(More)
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