Brendan G. Cain

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Pulmonary tissue from 10 patients with fatal Rocky Mountain spotted fever was examined by brightfield microscopy for histopathologic lesions and by immunofluorescence for Rickettsia rickettsii. The distribution of rickettsiae and the vasculitis of the pulmonary microcirculation coincided. The lungs demonstrated the consequent interstitial(More)
Software development is a predominantly social activity. It is important to view software development groups, departments, and corporations as social bodies. We study software organizations by using a novel data-gathering approach that combines several techniques commonly used in social network analysis. We differ from ordinary social anthropology in that(More)
For specific demonstration of Rickettsia rickettsii in fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues, the technique of trypsin digestion of deparaffinized, rehydrated sections was investigated. It was determined that 3.5 hr of digestion was optimal for achieving discrete, bright, green immunofluorescence of rickettsiae. At autopsy kidneys from seven of 10 cases of(More)
Monolayers of primary chick embryo cells were infected with Rickettsia rickettsii in a plaque assay system with 0.5 per cent agarose overlay. Plaques appeared 5 days after inoculation and were examined on day 6 by supravital staining, immunofluorescence for R. rickettsii, and electron microscopy. In all studies maintenance of the topographic integrity of(More)
Because myocarditis has been noted frequently as present at necropsy in fatal Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) and ECG alterations may also accompany the disease, we studied the pathogenesis of myocarditis in RMSF. Increased heart weight in eight of nine cases and increased interstitial volume in six of nine cases suggest that myocardial edema is(More)
A case of fatal viscerotropic Rocky Mountain spotted fever with virtual absence of cutaneous lesions was diagnosed at autopsy by specific immunofluorescent demonstration of Rickettsia rickettsii in spleen, kidney, epididymis and skin. The clinical presentation was that of insidious onset of fever, renal failure, hypotension, hyponatremia and obtundation(More)
Direct immunofluorescent staining for Rickettsia rickettsii was performed on cryostat sections of skin biopsies from 27 patients suspected of having Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In nine of the 17 patients whose final diagnosis was Rocky Mountain spotted fever, coccobacillary forms of R. rickettsii were identified in endothelium and vascular walls within(More)
The morphology of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) lesions in hamsters following i.p. inoculation of Langat virus was studied by light microscopy and electron microscopy. The lesions' temporal relationship to virus presence and antibody production was studied by immunofluorescence, virus isolation from brains and brain cell cultures, and by(More)
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