Brendan Francis O'Connor

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Introduction How do we perceive age, gender, intelligence, and attractiveness? What insight can we extract from millions of anonymous opinions? Last year we, with Chris Van Pelt, built the website, where users can upload their own photos, as well as look at and judge photos of other people. The site became surprisingly popular. More than(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment-Emergent Suicidal Ideation (TESI) in older adults is poorly understood. We characterized TESI in older depressed adults during treatment with venlafaxine and explored whether TESI is related to antidepressant exposure versus dimensions of the psychiatric illness. We examined the relationship among medication exposure, onset of TESI, and(More)
In his trademark speeches, Fidel Castro casts himself in a variety of roles: supreme leader, member of government, revolutionary, worker, member of the Cuban populace, and the embodiment of the Cuban nation. Transcripts of Castro's major speeches provide a rich data set that spans five decades (1959-present). Initial readings reveal his prominent use of the(More)
Reputation forms an important part of how we come to trust people in face-to-face interactions, and thus situations involving trust online have come to realize that reputation is an important characteristic in the digital age. We propose a new holistic and context-free approach to quantifying reputation on the Internet, based upon a stock exchange where(More)
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