Brendan Foreman

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We introduce the Progression of Early Computational Thinking (PECT) Model, a framework for understanding and assessing computational thinking in the primary grades (Grades 1 to 6). The model synthesizes measurable evidence from student work with broader, more abstract coding design patterns, which are then mapped onto computational thinking concepts. We(More)
This paper investigates the geometry of compact contact manifolds that are uniformized by contact Lie groups, i.e., manifolds of the form Γ \ G for some Lie group G with a left invariant contact structure and uniform lattice Γ ⊂ G. We re-examine Alexander’s criteria for existence of lattices on solvable Lie groups and apply them, along with some other well(More)
We investigate the vertical foliation of the standard complex contact structure on Γ \ Sl(2,C), where Γ is a discrete subgroup. We find that, if Γ is nonelementary, the vertical leaves on Γ \Sl(2,C) are holomorphic but not regular. However, if Γ is Kleinian, then Γ \ Sl(2,C) contains an open, dense set on which the vertical leaves are regular, complete and(More)
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