Brendan Bonner

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OBJECTIVES To compare exposure to secondhand smoke and respiratory health in bar staff in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland before and after the introduction of legislation for smoke-free workplaces in the Republic. DESIGN Comparisons before and after the legislation in intervention and control regions. SETTING Public houses in three areas in(More)
This study was designed to ascertain the attitudes and responses of the dying patient, both to himself and to those around him, particularly the medical care team. The sample chosen consisted of 75 patients suffering from various terminal illnesses. We studied the patients' reactions on being told about their illness, the manner in which they were told, how(More)
Background: The Northern Ireland Registry of Deliberate Self-Harm was established as an outcome of the Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan - Protect Life, beginning in the Western Health and Social Care Trust area. Aims: The study aimed to establish the incidence of hospital-treated deliberate self-harm in the Western Area of(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compared the profile of intentional drug overdoses (IDOs) presenting to emergency departments in Ireland and in the Western Trust Area of Northern Ireland between 2007 and 2012. Specifically the study aimed to compare characteristics of the patients involved, to explore the factors associated with repeated IDO and to report the(More)
Recent efforts to increase public awareness of child abuse may result in an increased number of inappropriate reports of suspected child abuse. The authors believe that digital hair strangulation should be included among the conditions that may be confused with child abuse. Digital hair strangulation (toe tourniquet syndrome) occurs primarily in infants and(More)
Background Alcohol is often involved in hospital-treated self-harm. Therefore it is important to establish the role of alcohol in self-harm as well as to identify associated factors, in order to best inform service provision. Methods Data on self-harm presentations to hospital emergency departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland from April 2012 to(More)
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