Brendan B Wallace

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Darwin (1872) hypothesized that some facial muscle actions associated with emotion cannot be consciously inhibited, particularly when the to-be concealed emotion is strong. The present study investigated emotional ‘‘leakage’’ in deceptive facial expressions as a function of emotional intensity. Participants viewed low or high intensity disgusting, sad,(More)
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A B S T R AC T This article describes the new qualitative methodology developed for use in CIRAS (Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System), the confidential database set up for the UK railways by the University of Strathclyde. CIRAS is a project in which qualitative safety data are disidentified and then stored and analysed in a central(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the kinetics, kinematics, and muscle activation patterns of the countermovement jump, the power clean, and the jump squat with the expectation of gaining a better understanding of the mechanism of transfer from the power clean to the vertical jump. Ground reaction forces, electromyography, and joint angle data were(More)
We present a case of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) arising in a 26-year-old patient with a history of neuroblastoma. RCC after a previous diagnosis of neuroblastoma is very uncommon, and there have only been 23 reported cases. Using the results of our patient workup, we hoped to determine whether there was a genetic predisposition or iatrogenic cause for the(More)
In 2003 the Scottish Executive introduced a new Fast Track policy on a pilot basis, which was intended to speed up the processing of persistent youth offending cases and reduce rates of persistent offending. Additional resources were provided to promote access to dedicated programmes, as well as quicker assessment, report delivery and decision-making. This(More)
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