Brendan Anderson

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Native American (NA) veterans have rarely been the focus of investigational efforts. We review studies relevant to an assessment of NA substance-use disorders, and discuss findings of the Drug Abuse Treatment Services Evaluation Project pertaining specifically to NA veterans. A larger proportion of NA veterans discharged from VA inpatient care in FY93 were(More)
Demographic, diagnostic, and service utilization characteristics of veterans diagnosed with suicide attempt, substance dependence, both, or neither at discharge from Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) hospitals in fiscal year 1994 (FY94) were compared using the DVA's discharge abstract database. Four groups of veterans were studied: (1) substance-abusing(More)
Demographic, clinical, and treatment episode characteristics of 3,087 American Indian veterans discharged from Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals in fiscal year 1991 were examined. Substance use disorders were diagnosed in 46.3 percent of discharged American Indians, compared with 23.4 percent of discharged veterans overall. More than 97 percent of(More)
OBJECTIVES The study examined the prevalence of substance use, psychiatric, and medical disorders in female veterans discharged from VA hospitals. METHODS The VA discharge abstract database was used to identify women discharged in fiscal year 1991 who received a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence or substance-induced psychosis (N = 1,698). They(More)
The Department of Veterans Affairs is the largest provider of drug dependence treatment services in the United States. However, a national evaluation of primarily drug-dependent veterans has never been reported. Findings from the Drug Abuse Treatment Services Evaluation Project, a three-year investigation of drug dependence treatment within the Department(More)
Discovery of a fossil (30–35 million-year-old) urolith from Early Oligocene deposits in northeastern Colorado provides the earliest evidence for the antiquity of bladder stones. These are spherical objects with a layered phosphatic structure and a hollow center. Each layer is composed of parallel crystals oriented perpendicular to the surface. Macroscopic(More)
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