Brenda Timmerman

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As public internetworks are increasingly used for secure communications, the need grows for end-to-end protection fi'om traffic analysis. The additional protection of Traffic Flow Confidentiality can be detrimental to performance when padding is used to mask traffic patterns. Traffic masking policies that are responsive to system service requirements can(More)
Researchers evaluate and contrast new network routing, admission control, congestion control and flow control algorithms through simulation. Analytically de-rived arguments justifiably lack credibility because, in the attempt to model the underlying physical system, the analyst is forced to make compromising approximations. However, unlike analytical(More)
This study explores both theoretically and experimentally the human perception of polarized light beyond that currently established. The radial analyser theory of Haidinger's phenomenon (HP) is used to predict the effect of observing visual stimuli comprising patterned zones characterized by orthogonal planes of linear polarization (linear polarization(More)
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