Brenda Smith

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This article addresses the relation between services matched to client-identified needs and substance abuse treatment outcomes for women with children. The study uses data collected for a program evaluation of an enhanced substance abuse services program for mothers involved with the child welfare system. In-person surveys were conducted with 183 women who(More)
This study uses Cox regression to assess the relationships among parental drug use, drug treatment compliance, and reunification from substitute care. The study finds that drug treatment compliance is associated with faster reunification, even when accounting for ongoing drug use and three parenting measures. The findings are consistent with a conceptual(More)
This article assesses the state of evaluation research on federally-funded child welfare training, including both Section 426 and Title IV-E partnerships. The article discusses the need for stronger evaluations of child welfare training and describes some factors which may have impeded past evaluation efforts. It recommends strengthening evaluations of(More)
OBJECTIVES Many pharmaceutical care efforts remain undocumented, resulting in underestimation of the importance of the pharmacy staff interventions and missed opportunities to find new directions for quality improvement. The purpose of this project was to document and analyze the pharmaceutical care interventions of the staff of a hematology-oncology(More)
This study addresses the challenge of implementing evidence-based treatment approaches in typical community settings. It identifies individual and organizational characteristics associated with two contrasting treatment approaches used by frontline practitioners. One treatment approach involves techniques supported by research; the other approach involves(More)
Clement J. McDonald, M.D., J. Marc Overhage, M.D., Ph.D., Paul R. Dexter, M.D. William M. Tierney, M.D., Jeffrey G. Suico, M.D., Alex Aisen, M.D., Atif Zafar, M.D., Gunther Schadow, M.D., Lonnie Blevins, Jill Warvel, Jeff Warvel, Jim Meeks-Johnson, Larry Lemmon, Tull Glazener, Anne Belsito, Don Lindbergh, Bruce Williams, Pat Cassidy, Diane Xu, Mark Tucker,(More)
BACKGROUND A plethora of investigations have studied the acoustic characteristics of vibrato such as the rate, extent, onset (time from initiation of phonation until the first peak of vibrato), and periodicity. Despite extensive research, the degree to which various parameters of vibrato contribute to its acceptability remain unclear. PURPOSE The present(More)
OBJECTIVE This study seeks to: (1) assess the relationship between identified prenatal substance use and the risk of subsequent maltreatment allegations among families involved with child protective services; and (2) compare the types of safety threats encountered by children whose parents had substance-exposed infant (SEI) allegations to the types of(More)