Brenda S Clark

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The progress of 24 children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with cyclophosphamide, total-body irradiation, and marrow transplantation during a second or subsequent remission was compared with that of 21 children treated with conventional chemotherapy after they had entered a second remission. Eleven of the transplantation group are alive,(More)
BACKGROUND No definitive antiviral therapy exists for adenovirus (ADV) in immunosuppressed hosts. Cidofovir (CDV), a broad spectrum anti-DNA viral agent, has previously been shown to be of therapeutic benefit in life-threatening adenoviral disease in bone marrow stem-cell recipients. METHODS A 71/2-month-old girl with a history of biliary atresia(More)
Most patients with congenital leukemia do not survive past infancy despite aggressive chemotherapy. We describe three patients with congenital leukemia who have undergone prolonged periods of spontaneous remission. Our experience suggests that some patients with congenital leukemia may benefit from initial conservative management without chemotherapy. We(More)
Vincristine was inadvertently injected into a thigh of three children. In each case the accident occurred as a result of the mixing of a syringe containing vincristine with a syringe of L-asparaginase which the patient was scheduled to receive on the same day. Within minutes, each patient was treated topically with cold compresses and the area was(More)
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