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For the next-generation immersion lithography technology, there is a growing interest in the immersion fluids having a refractive index larger than 1.5 and low absorbance at 193nm wavelength. In this paper, we report our effort in identifying new immersion fluid candidates. The absolute refractive index values and thermo-optic coefficients, dn/dT, were(More)
Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology Association canadienne des infirmières en oncologie TOOLKIT AcKnOwLedgemenT CANO\ACIO would like to thank the NSCA Standards and Competencies Evaluation Working Group for their outstanding dedication and commitment to this initiative. The following volunteers were essentiel in the development of this toolkit and(More)
The purpose of this three-year study is to examine the effects of internet communication on second language acquisition. Specifically, we are interested in how communicating with native speakers of the target language may affect language learning, and how that contact interacts with different modes of electronic communication. The project is being conducted(More)
In a series of six experiments deaf and hearing adolescents were compared on attainment of formal operations in Piaget's theory as represented by performance on probability problems. Performance of deaf subjects provided a desirable control comparison, since their knowledge of probability concepts was most likely acquired outside school classrooms. The(More)
It was hypothesized that both aggression and incongruity are variables that will positively influence preschool children's judgments of humorous incidents. Past research has shown the influence of incongruity on humor only for school-age children, and--with the exception of studies of children's television viewing--the allegedly "antisocial" variable of(More)
Six-, 8-, 10-, and 12-year-old children (10 boys and 10 girls) reconstructed two visual patterns from immediate memory, while other 5- and 6-year-old children (10 boys and 10 girls) reconstructed the identical patterns by direct copying. Patterns were simple and composed entirely of circles or squares as component items. Four results were emphasized: (a)(More)
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