Brenda McCabe

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Memory for location of a dot inside a circle was investigated with the circle in the center of a computer screen (Experiment 1) or with the circle presented in either the left or the right visual field (Experiment 2). In both experiments, as in Huttenlocher, Hedges, and Duncan's (1991) study, the task was to relocate the dot by marking the remembered(More)
The audiologic performance of 54 postlingually deafened adults wearing cochlear implants was uniformly evaluated. The participants had 9 months' or more experience with one of five different cochlear prostheses (Los Angeles Single Channel (N = 11), Vienna Single Channel (N = 4), Melbourne Multichannel (N = 18), Utah Multichannel (N = 19), San Francisco(More)
An attempt was made to reconstruct the central events that occurred in the various stages of vestibular compensation after a bilateral labyrinthectomy in the cat. Bilateral labyrinthectomized cats showed no nystagmus, but had unsteady head movements and wide gaits. Neural activity in both sides of the medial vestibular nuclei (MVN) was depressed during the(More)
Research was undertaken to assist practitioners in undertaking Monte Carlo simulation of project schedules. A probabilistic model was developed to translate project characteristics into schedule risk boundaries. This model has been tested in several projects and performed very well. Lessons learned during the application of Monte Carlo simulation to a large(More)
Presents concepts and implementations for automated construction simulation modeling for aggregate crushing plant operations (CRUISER) and for earthmoving operations (AP2-EARTH). In the automated modeling environment, the user can specify a real-world construction system: its physical components, required resources and other system information. A simulation(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the influence of two types of attention-requiring tasks on vestibular nystagmus elicited by caloric stimulation: mental arithmetic and a short conversation. The subjects were divided into four groups according to stimulus paradigm and task. It was found that conversation was consistently superior to mental(More)
This is a study of the effects of repeated angular acceleration on the activity of vestibular nuclei units in anesthetized and in conscious cats. The experimental animals were subjected to trains of repeated and consecutive constant acceleration-deceleration ramps (4-8 degrees/sec2). In a few cases nystagmus was recorded along with extracellular unit(More)
Two subjects who use the Melbourne multichannel cochlear implant were studied. Live-voice word, consonant, and vowel recognition tests, and a speech-tracking task were administered at regular intervals during the first 90 days after implantation. Results indicated 30-50% correct recognition of vowels (given 9 alternatives) and about 30-60% correct(More)