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Universal Parametric Geometry Representation Method
andsimplemathematicalfunctionshavingeasilyobservedphysicalfeatures.Thefundamentalparametricgeometry representation method is shown to describe an essentially limitless design space composed entirelyExpand
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"Fundamental" Parameteric Geometry Representations for Aircraft Component Shapes
The mathematical description of a nacelle, body or airfoil having a round nose and pointed aft-end is a continuous but non-analytic function because of the infinite slope at the nose and the corresponding large variations of curvature over the surface. Expand
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A Universal Parametric Geometry Representation Method - "CST"
For aerodynamic design optimization, it is very desirable to limit the number of the geometric design variables. In reference 1, a “fundamental" parametric airfoil geometry representation method wasExpand
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New Supersonic Wing Far-Field Composite-Element Wave-Drag Optimization Method
NASA and industry recently ended the High Speed Civil Transport program. The objective of the High Speed Civil Transport program was to develop critical technologies to support the potentialExpand
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Assessment of CFD predictions of viscous drag
Recent CFD design and analyses studies have shown significant variations in viscous drag predictions for a typical High Speed Civil Transport configuration. The sensitivity of the design of an HSCTExpand
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of Bodies of Revolution at Near-Sonic Speeds
pressure distributions, drag, and flow characteristics around a family of sting- mounted truncated parabolic bodies of revolution at near-sonic and low-supersonic speeds by comparisons with anExpand
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