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Perinatal depression: prevalence, risks, and the nutrition link--a review of the literature.
The purpose of this review is to examine the role of nutrition in perinatal depression. Perinatal (maternal) depression refers to major and minor episodes during pregnancy (termed antenatal) and/orExpand
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Comparing Three Measures of Health Status (Perceived Health With Likert-Type Scale, EQ-5D, and Number of Chronic Conditions) in Chinese and White Canadians
Background:Measures of perceived health status may be vulnerable to ethnic and sociodemographic characteristics. The purpose of this study was to compare self-reported health status in Chinese andExpand
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Prenatal micronutrient supplementation and postpartum depressive symptoms in a pregnancy cohort
BackgroundPostpartum depression is a serious problem for women and their offspring. Micronutrient supplements are recommended for pregnant women because of their documented protective effects for theExpand
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Comparison of sample characteristics in two pregnancy cohorts: community-based versus population-based recruitment methods
BackgroundOne of the biggest challenges for population health studies is the recruitment of participants. Questions that investigators have asked are “who volunteers for studies?” and “doesExpand
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Does prenatal micronutrient supplementation improve children's mental development? A systematic review
BackgroundAlthough maternal nutrient status influences all aspects of fetal development including the brain, the impact of micronutrient supplementation on the baby's mental function is a topic ofExpand
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The trainees' perspective on developing an end-of-grant knowledge translation plan
BackgroundKnowledge translation (KT) is a rapidly growing field that is becoming an integral part of research protocols.MethodsThis meeting report describes one group's experience at the 2009 KTExpand
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Special diets in modern America: Analysis of the 2012 National Health Interview Survey data
Background: Special diets are frequently used by the public but reasons for use and characteristics of users remain unclear. Aim: To determine prevalence of the use of special diets, the individualExpand
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Pilot study of acupuncture to treat anxiety in children and adolescents
This pilot study investigated the use of acupuncture in the treatment of paediatric anxiety.
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Perinatal nutrition in maternal mental health and child development: Birth of a pregnancy cohort.
BACKGROUND Mental disorders are one of the leading contributors to the global burden of disease. The Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition (APrON) study was initiated in 2008 to better understandExpand
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Survey of parents on the use of naturopathic medicine in children--characteristics and reasons.
This cross-sectional study assessed the sociodemographic characteristics of families whose children used naturopathic medicine, the reasons for use, and whether naturopathic and conventional medicineExpand
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