Brenda L Curtis

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Quality of sexually transmitted disease (STD) primary care in South Africa varies widely but reasons for this are poorly understood. We investigated 37 randomly sampled clinics providing STD care, with simulated patients, and staff interviews and record review. Census data provided local socioeconomic indicators. Multiple regression identified independent(More)
Public schools are not traditional locations where screening, brief motivational counseling intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) are provided. This translational research study aimed to test the feasibility of conducting SBIRT in two urban New York schools and to examine its economic sustainability. In Spring 2012, 248 students were screened(More)
Research shows that people engage in “risky” sex with “safe” partners and in “safer” sex with “riskier” partners. How is the determination of “risky” or “safe” status made? Factorial survey methodology was used to randomly construct descriptions of romantic partners based on attractive and/or risky characteristics. Respondents evaluated 20 descriptions for(More)
Social networking sites and online advertising organizations provide HIV/AIDS researchers access to target populations, often reaching difficult-to-reach populations. However, this benefit to researchers raises many issues for the protections of prospective research participants. Traditional recruitment procedures have involved straightforward transactions(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS This article reports a content analysis of Internet websites related to an emerging designer drug, synthetic cannabinoids. The number of synthetic cannabinoids searchers in the USA has steadily increased from November 2008 to November 2011. DESIGN AND METHODS To determine the information available on the Internet in relation to(More)
Patient characteristics are described in relation to pretreatment usage combinations of eight classes of illicit drugs for 11,380 drug abusers admitted between 1969 and 1971 to drug treatment centers participating in the NIDA-TCU Drug Abuse Reporting Program. From these data, nine basic patterns of drug use were defined. The most frequent, involving the(More)
This article investigates two kinds of information search strategies in the context of selecting romantic partners. Confirmatory searching occurs when people ask for more information about a romantic partner in order to validate or confirm their assessment. Balanced searches are characterized by a search for risk information for partners rated as attractive(More)
OBJECTIVES Although smoking during pregnancy is associated with poor pregnancy outcomes, many women continue to smoke throughout pregnancy. Behavioral interventions for smoking cessation yield modest benefits, particularly in lower socioeconomic groups. Pharmacotherapy, a first-line option for smoking cessation, has not shown clear benefits for pregnant(More)
OBJECTIVES To update and extend prior work reviewing Web sites that discuss home drug testing for parents, and assess the quality of information that the Web sites provide, to assist them in deciding when and how to use home drug testing. METHODS We conducted a worldwide Web search that identified 8 Web sites providing information for parents on home drug(More)