Brenda L. Bordson

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There is little evidence to support a correlation between increased paternal age and the incidence of chromosome anomalies. Though a few early studies demonstrated an increased risk of Down syndrome with advanced paternal age, especially after the age of 55, numerous later studies failed to confirm any paternal age effect. Among structural chromosome(More)
Associations between nucleolus organizer regions (NORs) and non-acrocentric chromosomes were scored in 2,800 metaphase spreads from PHA-stimulated lymphocyte cultures (48 h) from 14 individuals. The preparations were both silver stained and C-banded. In order to calculate the expected values for associations, the ratio of heterochromatin length to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if air conditioning might mitigate summer reductions in semen quality. DESIGN Prospective study of semen quality in summer and winter. SETTING Normal human volunteers were studied in the setting of a fertility laboratory. PATIENTS, PARTICIPANTS Two groups of volunteers were selected from the vicinity of New Orleans: 64 men who(More)
A retrospective investigation of semen quality was undertaken at a fertility clinic in New Orleans. Semen specimens obtained during the summer had significantly lower sperm concentration, total sperm per ejaculate, percent motile sperm, and motile sperm concentration than samples provided at other times of year. Substantial summer deterioration in semen(More)
A series of 401 therapeutic donor insemination (TDI) cycles was analyzed for determining the effect on fecundability of fresh versus cryopreserved semen, the number of inseminations per cycle, recipient age, and the reproductive health of the TDI recipient. We followed a protocol in which inseminations were performed during the periovulatory period(More)
A reliable technique for combined C-banding and silver staining of metaphase chromosomes which uses trypsinization is described. Slides are first immersed in dilute HCl to remove residual cytoplasm from around the chromosomes. They are then treated with saturated barium hydroxide and incubated overnight in saline sodium citrate (0.30 M NaCl, 0.03 M sodium(More)
Activity and association patterns of nucleolar organizer regions (NORs) were studied in cultured blood lymphocytes from six members of a family, three of whom carried a doubly satellited marker. The marker consisted of a centromere with two sets of satellites and stalks which showed consistent NOR activity. The children with the marker had significantly(More)
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