Brenda Hurley

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The effects of free fatty acids and fatty acyl esters of coenzyme A and carnitine on the activity of a hormone-sensitive lipase preparation made from pigeon adipose tissue were determined. Oleic acid (100 μM) resulted in a 40% inhibition of lipase activity A more potent inhibition of lipase activity was seen with long-chain fatty acyl CoA compounds. The(More)
We examined the properties of K+ channels in smooth muscle cells dissociated from human esophagus using patch-clamp recording in the cell-attached configuration. The predominant channel observed had a conductance of 224 +/- 4 pS, and current reversal was dependent on K+ concentration. Channel activity was voltage dependent and increased with elevation of(More)
Triacylglycerol hydrolase activity measured at pH 7.5 in a pH 5.2 precipitate fraction from rat heart was increased two-to three-fold by the presence of phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) or lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE). This stimulatory effect also could be obtained in assays with particulate and soluble subcellular fractions and was observed with two(More)
We have previously identified a human vascular smooth muscle clone that can reversibly convert between proliferative and contractile phenotypes. Here we compared receptor-channel coupling in these cells using fura-2 to monitor [Ca(2+)](i) and patch-clamp to record currents. Histamine elevated [Ca(2+)](i) in all cells and caused contraction of cells(More)
The activity of a pigeon adipose tissue hormone-sensitive triacylglycerol lipase preparation was increased from 2- to 5-fold by the presence of phosphatidylethanolamine in assays with three different methods of preparing triolein substrates. Phosphatidylethanolamine from egg yolk produced the greatest stimulation of lipase activity; the stimulation was(More)
Current detection methods require at least one 24-48 hour enrichment step for the detection of Salmonella. This poses a problem because product often needs to be shipped before microbial contamination levels can be adequately ascertained. Therefore, the need for more rapid methods of Salmonella detection becomes apparent. The purpose of this thesis was to(More)
One of the new Germany's many challenges will be merging a socialist, centralized healthcare system with a decentralized network much like our own. Both Germanys' health services have clear pluses and minuses, and while preserving the best of each may not be completely possible, it is not as remote a goal as one might think. With a summary of the(More)
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