Brenda Happell

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AIM OF THE STUDY The primary aim of the study was to examine the attitudes of undergraduate nursing students at the both the beginning and end of their nursing course. BACKGROUND Throughout Australia there is increasing awareness of the ageing of the population and the widespread implications this will have for the future. The ramifications for the health(More)
A questionnaire on nurses' knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practises regarding substance use was distributed to 302 nurses in Victoria. One hundred and thirty-four returned the questionnaire, giving an overall response rate of 44.3%. The survey results showed that although knowledge and skill gaps exist in assessment and management of alcohol and drug(More)
The complexities accompanying the prescription of antipsychotic medication for people experiencing a mental illness have been extensively documented in the literature. The views and experiences of consumers of mental health services, however, are almost entirely absent. This paper describes the findings of a qualitative study undertaken to examine the(More)
The routine use of standardized outcome measures has been introduced to assess the effectiveness of mental health service delivery throughout Australia. The use of these measures has been criticized for failing to reflect those aspects of treatment consumers consider to affect their recovery. This is the second of a two-part paper. Its aim is to explore the(More)
The routine use of standardized instruments to measure consumer outcomes is now part of mental health policy throughout Australia. However, it has been broadly criticized for (i) not involving consumer input into the design of instruments; and (ii) not reflecting the aspects of care and treatment considered beneficial for recovery by consumers themselves.(More)
Exploratory factor analysis (hereafter, factor analysis) is a complex statistical method that is integral to many fields of research. Using factor analysis requires researchers to make several decisions, each of which affects the solutions generated. In this paper, we focus on five major decisions that are made in conducting factor analysis: (i)(More)
Within the nursing profession stress and burnout are considered to be widely present and problematic. These factors tend to impact negatively on job satisfaction and ultimately affect the retention of nurses. Psychiatric/mental health nursing as a specialty is considered to be a highly stressful environment; however, there is a paucity of research in this(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To present the findings of a systematic review on (1) the attitudes of undergraduate nursing students towards mental health nursing and (2) the influence of undergraduate nursing education on the attitudes of undergraduate nursing students towards mental health nursing. BACKGROUND Recruitment and retention of mental health nurses is(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the level of stress, burnout and job satisfaction in rural psychiatric nurses in Victoria, Australia. METHOD This present study presents the findings of a research study undertaken with rural psychiatric nurses (n = 136) in two rural mental health services in Victoria. The study designed to measure their level of stress, burnout and(More)
Individuals diagnosed with mental illness experience high rates of morbidity and mortality as a result of poor physical health and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours. The aim of this paper is to systematically review the literature on health behaviour interventions to improve the physical health of individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. A systematic(More)